Why some wealthy countries choose not to have free universities?

Nations such as USA or UK have paid university learning. Coming from a nation by tuition-free universities (i.e. paid through taxation) I doubt what is the rationale behind a wealthy country opt not to have free schools, while they could supposedly afford it.

While the national Democratic candidate is calling for the debt-free University in the US, they present few details about how they would finance such a plan.

Some of the universities provide free education

Of course, numerous European nation like Germany already offer free college, although “free” is a practical term as taxpayers take on that cost. However, those European countries often differ very much from the US in the substantive method. Their College staffing percentages, for instance, are a lot lower than in America. Europe also usually has superior taxes than the US, which let those countries offer extra social services.

Their report ranks nation by their tax wedge fraction. The tax wedge is the dollar calculates the income tax rate. The land below with the red arrows offers free college, with the exclusion of the US. Other European nations provide free college, but the countries under is the most famous instance.

Difference between the US and European nation

While the tax wedge is surely not driven exclusively by free college instruction costs, the countries that offer this advantage have much-advanced income tax rates than the US. If the US were to go the way of European country the economics free college by taxing the profits of citizens, the tax wedge of 31.5% would likely enhance. Germany, with mainly high-income taxes, has one of the unusually comprehensive debt-free college programs, presenting free college to international students also. European nations also differ substantively from the US in the conditions of the fraction of college attendees that their money was owing free models serve.


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