Universities in Pennsylvania Offers an array of choices

Universities in Pennsylvania, looking for a top college/ university in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania has lots to offer with respect to higher education. Located in a northeastern U.S. state, Pennsylvania is a popular state offering easy access to hot spot cities such as Washington, D.C, New York, Boston and houses some best-ranked universities in Pennsylvania, from the UPenn to Carnegie Mellon.

Considering about college, bear in mind that you cannot aim on one college as a perfect choice. This is because there are best universities/colleges offering academics and athletics, unavoidably with a hefty price tag. Here is a list of colleges of Pennsylvania that offers a blend of accessibility, affordability and quality that may appeal to most. Yet, look for these details with each college you choose.

Universities in Pennsylvania Ranking Methodology 

Graduation Rate

This offers you an indication of the ability of the students of this college to stay engaged in their studies. The graduation rate is expected to be high of the universities in Pennsylvania.

Net Price

Net price provides an idea of what a student is expected to pay for the college. This includes everything from board to room expensive, average scholarship to cost of living, financial aid and tuition fee.

Acceptance Rate

This is the rate that the universities in Pennsylvania give acceptance to some from the applicants list. Generally, it is that places receiving more applications have lower acceptance rates.

List of Universities in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the best universities in Pennsylvania that is sure to excel and bring value in areas of research, athletics, academics and extracurricular.

1. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has a good reputation. It has earned this owing to its comprehensive research programs and coursework. The undergraduate degrees boast of having the best in each discipline. Students here feel comforted in knowledge.

Net Price: $22,694/yr

2. Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Curtis is different from other universities. If you want to learn music, it has all the good reasons to transform your potential into professional level. There is individualized attention, celebrated professors and best resources. The net price includes additional fees and living costs.

Net Price: $6,751/yr

3. Lafayette College (Easton, Pennsylvania)

Lafayette College offers the students all reasons to appreciate active learning, academic challenge and student-faculty interaction. It works in developing a person and enhance spirituality, enjoy academics and one major to learn is Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Net Price: $27,019/yr

4. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania)

Swarthmore is a liberal arts college. It places equal emphasis on engineering majors and humanities, thereby promoting a global outlook that students from all states seek admission. This college ensures comprehending civic and social responsibility and integrates opportunities that are hands on learning addressing local issues.

Net Price: $22,557/yr

5. Haverford College (Haverford, Pennsylvania)

This is the right college offering challenging academic experience. This is the best in Pennsylvania, accepting only brightest students.  The campus is cozy and inclusive; it offers freedom to students to chart their own course and to design their thesis.

Net Price: $22,409/yr


There is Carnegie Mellon University, LeHigh University, Bucknell University, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania State University, West Chester University, and a lot more.


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