Top 10 medical universities in USA

See top 10 medical universities in the USA for research and education.

Harvard Medical School The one to be top of the top 10 medical universities in the USA would be Harvard Medical School. With over than 10,000 alumni around the world excelling in research and clinical care throughout decades. The Harvard Medical School established in 1782, and now becoming a vibrant community that innovating and improving human health by their roles as scholars, mentors and physicians.


Stanford University School of Medicine

Located in Stanford, California. The Stanford University of Medicine leads in precision health; that would define and develop the next generation of proactive, precise and predictive healthcare. Organized into Stanford Medicine, Stanford Children’s Health, and Stanford Health Care.

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

A highly accredited medical school in Los Angeles, California. It was named after David Geffen, the highest benefactor that contributed $ 200 million of unrestricted funds. It is established in 1945 and spread its wings with UCLA Medical Center benefactor by Ronald Reagan in 1955. A world-known alumni from David Geffen School of Medicine is a Nobel Prize winner in medicine in 1998, Louis Ignarro.

Johns Hopkins

The University was established in 1876 and named after its founder and benefactor Johns Hopkins. It is considered to be as one of the top 10 medical school in the USA. It has numerous rankings from Washington Monthly, U.S. News and World Report, and other reputable organization. The latest ranking was in 2015 where it ranked in the 3rd hospital in the United States by an annual ranking of hospitals in America.

UCSF School of Medicine

Located in San Fransisco as a center of education regarding health, research in science, public service and patient care. Originally founded as Toland Medical College 150 years ago. Its recent accomplishment was opening hospitals for women, children and cancer patients at Mission Bay in 2015.

Yale School of Medicine

top 10 medical universities

Founded as Yale Medical Institute back in 1813. Having the Yale-New Haven Hospital as its primary teaching hospital and the home of Harvey Cushing/Jhon Hay Whitney Medical Library. Recently Yale School of Medicine ranks 7th best in the USA for research and 72nd in primary care. The facilities and rankings made Yale as one of the top 10 medical school in the USA.

Perelman School of Medicine

It has an association with the University of Pennsylvania, commonly known as Penn Med. It is the oldest and one of the prestigious medical schools in America. Penn Med was stressing in compassion for patients aside from academic excellence. Established in 1765, and the first of its kind in the USA. Penn Med has notable alumni as Nobel Prize winners and accomplished psychiatrists and physicians.

Washington University School of Medicine

This school ranked 6th for research by U.S. News and World Report. It has been listed for top 10 medical universities in the USA since its establishment in 1987. It is associated with St. Louis Children Hospital, Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Centre, and other hospitals. It is also have 75 medical specialities for their clinical services.

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

It is well-known as P&S, a graduate school located in Manhattan. It has associations with Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia School of Nursing. It has numbers of world-known notable alumni with Nobel Prize and innovation in health and research. It has the world’s first facility to provide medical educations, patient care and research centre under one roof, as a result of an alliance with the Presbyterian Hospital.

Duke University School of Medicine
It is one of the top 10 medical universities in the USA. Located in Durham, North Carolina, the Duke University School of Medicine is focusing on academic excellence, patient services and medical research.


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