Taking that Big Step and Finding Good Colleges in California

If you have been considering on relocating to California to continue your education, it is time to begin searching for good colleges in California. There are over 450 college institutions in California, and making sure you are choosing the best college, can be very overwhelming.

It can take an ample amount of time in finding the college that will suit you best, and transform your dreams into reality in the beautiful Golden State. Make sure you continue to do your research on the demographics of the area, as well as the attractions that are going to be within an arm’s length away!

Fortunately, we have compiled the top five institutions that are recognized as the top Universities in California.

Here are the top 4 year colleges in California.

Good Colleges in California: 4 Year Institutions

When it comes down to California and it’s four-year institutions, you will be sure to find the most prestigious private, and public schools in the state. Some of the well known institutions in California are some of the world renowned colleges ever known. Studying in these colleges will definitely help you get a good profession later on in life.

Here are some colleges we compiled to aid you in this time consuming search, to begin your new journey and continue to conquer your dreams.

Stanford University

One of the most competitive natured schools across the nation, Stanford University has a 5.1% acceptance rate. Students can obtain their undergraduate degrees in Business, Earth Sciences, Law, Humanities Education, and Sciences.

Chapman University

This is a private institution that was established in 1861. This institution has been recognized for one of the most unique experiences undergraduates partake in. “Semester at Sea”, is an opportunity for undergraduates to study abroad to travel to 13 ports by the sea, for a full semester.

University of California-Davis

This particular university is very well known for its research facilities, and funding. The UC Davis has over 100 bachelor’s programs that are available.

University of California-Irvine

Out of all of the University of California campuses, Irvine remains as one of the destinations undergraduates choose to study.

Occidental College

This private institution is small, but sees a large vision in building close-knit communities. This institution encourages undergraduates to express their individuality with 30 majors undergraduates can explore.

Nobody said it was going to be easy! With this short list, you can determine for yourself which one of these good colleges in California will cater to your dreams and aspirations. Make sure you are well familiar with the acceptance rates and tuition fees.

If you are moving to California to go to your chosen university in the Golden State, it is very important you are well aware of the tuition rates of the institution. Although it is rare, sometimes the tuition rate can vary from time to time, but often stays the same.

Good luck to you, as you continue to grow, and uncover your path to a new and exciting journey.


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