Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy build specially for the site Higher Study( to understand people how We can use their information shared or input on our site. Let us take a look at them:

About your password

WE will never ask for your password or trace password unless you have registered our site with a password. So by any media like on our website pages, or on email who claim your password is not related to us and if you give them we will not take any responsibility.


If you somehow want to connect with us, share us something or fill a particular form on our site, we will only then collect your email. Only if you subscribe to our newsletter we will then send you notification about our site, service or offer changed. But those email will only go from email address authorized by our site (like Another format of the email address is never going to be ours.

Personal information

Your email and personal information are a matter of trust to us. We will only use them for communication and user experience purpose we will not share or sell any information to any third party.
But to keep a record of our traffic we use google analytics and Jetpack plugin which will keep some information about you. But those pieces of information are not too personal.
Also, Google Adsense and others advertisement service on our site may use your cookie to show you the best ad on your interest. We have no control over those cookie analyzers and never can modify them.

Is our content adult?

We never share any information or materials which should be restricted to the child. And we are also telling our user that never submit something to our site which is not appropriate for all age. But as this information on our site is for university or to be college student then there is not anything specially for children or other age people.

This is how we are explaining our privacy policy for now. If we miss anything, please forgive us and let us know by a submission of our contact form.

Last updated on: 3 April 2016 [Every change will be notified by email to you and give a notice on top of this page]