Nurse practitioner school

NPs are in high demand but choosing the right nurse practitioner school can seem somewhat confusing. Learn about the different nurse practitioner school programs and specializations that are provided by schools around the state that you can find the right place for your nursing education.

 Nurse Practitioner Specializations

There are APRN programs available at top nurse practitioner schools almost anywhere in the state. Some require that incoming students having a specialty determined during the application process while others may allow it in the enrolment process. Commonly nurse practitioner school specializations and subfields are in the details below:

  • Nurse Practitioners, they will specialize in adult care, paediatric care, mental health care, or emergency care.
  • Paediatric Nurse Practitioners, they will treat children’s diseases and injuries and communicate with parents regarding their children’s care
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, they will help patients with immediate, severe, and short-lived medical situations.
  • Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, they will examine, diagnose and treat patients with mental related sickness.
  • Adult-Gerontology NP will work with adults and adolescents in health facilities.
  • Emergency NP will work to assess, treat and stabilize patients in emergency rooms.
  • Neonatal NP will work with newborn babies with various health conditions, such as jaundice, birth defects, infections or premature. They will also work alongside the babies parents.
  • Family NP will work as primary case nurses.
  • Women’s Health NP will work addressing women’s related health issues from adolescence through their advanced years.

Nurses might also consider other APRN program from nurse practitioner schools below:

  • Certified nurse-midwives will receive training in OBGYN and care for newborn babies and women’s health related issues.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist will focus on many areas of nursing.
  • Nurse Anaesthetist will able to provide anaesthesia and also monitor patients in surgeries.


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