The List of Universities in California Acceptance Rate

The universities in California Acceptance rate varies from institution to institution. There are many universities in California, but some have higher acceptance rates than some. It is completely up to you in which school you are going to attend. So, it is best that you do your research pertaining to the school you are wanting to attend, the major and the level of degree your are wanting looking to obtain.

Here is a list of the universities in California  acceptance rate, from the highest to the lowest.

Universities in California Acceptance Rate: Highest

Universities in California Acceptance Rate

This is the ranking of the highest ranking of the universities in California acceptance rate. Just because a university or institution seems as the least selective, does not mean that it is any lesser of a school that you can get into academically. If the university receives applications predominantly from well qualified potential students with a larger student body, it may be more acceptable to accepting a higher portion of applicants.

For example, the SUM Bible College and the Theological Seminary actually sent out acceptance letters to 99% to the total of 87 students who applied, rejecting 1%. The universities listed below, have accepted over 50% of the student applications.

  • -Menlo College
  • -SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary
  • -American Jewish University
  • -World Mission University
  • -California Christian College

Universities in California Acceptance Rate: Lowest

Of course, many students are aiming for admission to a prestigious university or college. But, the number of open seats does not often meet the high demand from the applicants. As you seen the list above with the universities in California Acceptance Rate at the highest level, this is list is going to show you the complete opposite.

In case you are wanting to go to a university in California with a low acceptance rate, you will then be more prepared, right? Gaining admission to the universities in California can be very difficult. US News has surveyed the lowestacceptance rates in these universities to be the amongst the top 100 colleges to be just as selective.

  • -Pitzer College
  • -Pomona College
  • -Claremont McKenna College
  • -California Institute of Technology
  • -Stanford University

For some, going to college is already hard enough. But, when being faced with the many challenges that lies ahead during this journey, you will begin to see the true worth of it all. It is not going to be an easy task to choose a school, but when you are provided with enough information, you will obtain the knowledge that speaksdirectly to you, so you can focus on your dream.

If you in fact see a university that is amongst this list that you are inquiring on going to, do some more research on the specificinstitutions, so you can obtain all the information you need to help you become more prepared.

If you have any questions, or need some more guidance on any university in mind, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help.

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