How to Find the Best Universities by Major

No one has ever said that finding universities by major is going to be an easy task. Actually, figuring out which college is going to be right for you, can be very difficult. This is a decision that is going to take a lot of thought and serious consideration. The college you end up choosing, is going to have a major impact on your future. In your life experience, and the career path that you choose to follow. But, before you can actually decide on which college you are going to be attending, you must first begin by deciding on a major.

The Best Universities by Major

According to the News & World Report, these colleges are ranked by several of the best undergraduate majors. Here are the top three universities by major. These are listed in the popular subjects that has been ranked in the recent years.

University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia


This university is ranked number one, for undergraduate business programs. The finance, international business, marketing and real estate programs are also leading in high ranks. This university is offering concentrations in more than 20 areas. This includes, retailing and actuarial sciences. This university also has the one of the best MBA programs as well.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts

MIT Press

This university is ranked number two, for undergraduate business programs. MIT has earned the second ranking for undergraduate business programs, according to the U.S News & World Report. This university offers the undergraduate major in one of MIT’s most popular majors; management science. Also, this particular curriculum combines the quantitative methods in it’s management with communication, psychology, and organizational behavior.

University of California, Berkeley

Universities Major

This university has been ranked as number two, tied with MIT for undergraduate business programs. MIT and UC Berkeley tied for number two for the best undergraduate business programs, according to the U.S. News & World Report. This particular university has an integration of a business curriculum with liberal arts education. The core undergraduate courses include marketing, business communication, accounting, and organizational behavior, with electives in areas that include corporate finance, and leadership.

Tips on Finding Universities by Major

College students are typically selecting a major that is going to prepare themselves for a future or career education. Some common majors that are being sleeked includes, social sciences, health services, business, history, and education. Prior to the aspiring college students, high school counselors or some professionals that are in the particular field of interest. It is worth keeping on hand, that college students usually change majors, after being interested in other areas.

It is very important to find a major that you have the most interest in. Start by searching the best universities by major, starting with your first interest. Also, you can try by getting your top three interests, and begin finding the best universities by major by that list.

Eventually, you will find the best university by major that is going to suit you well in your future career.



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