Engineering Majors top 10 Universities

Having your mind set on being an engineer? Aside in preparing your SAT  scores and application letters, here are top 10 universities in the USA for engineering.

10. Cornell University

Cornell University

With the Cornell Tech campus in New York City as the campus that focused on technology. Cornell Tech includes the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion–Cornell Institute as a partnership with Israel. Cornell Tech committed to developing pioneering leaders and technologies for the digital age.

9. Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applies Sciences


As a school of Engineering in the University of California Los Angeles, that gave birth to the internet. With the world known alumni such as Henry Samueli, Vint Cerf, and Paul Baran.

8. Georgia Institute of Technology

A public research university that is a part of University System of Georgia. Last year Georgia Institute of Technology ranked 2nd among all universities in America for students’ return on investment.

7. Carnegie Mellon University

In 1900, Andrew Carnegie founded this University that first was named Carnegie Technical School. Located in Pennsylvania and have several other campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley. Times Higher Education has ranked this university 22nd in the world in 2015.

6. The University of Texas at Austin

Located in the center of Austin, Texas. The Cockrell School of Engineering has supported Austin as the second most innovative city in the USA. Graduates scouted by well-known companies such as Dell and IBM.

5. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Located in Champaign, Illinois since 1867. Boldly stated that it has solved the world’s great challenges by its top-ranked engineering programs.

4. California Institute of Technology

With famous alumni such as Frank Borman, Frances Arnold and Kip Thorne, also, other scientists with Nobel Prize up in their sleeves. A world class university despite it not so vast campus landscape.

3. University of California Berkeley

UCB is famous for its library and laboratory size and quality. The Natural Science Foundation even awarded more Graduate Research Fellowships to UCB graduates than those from MIT. Making it worthy to be one of the top 10 universities in the USA for engineering.

2. Stanford University School of Engineering

Founded by Theodore J Hoover in 1925. It is one of the schools of Stanford University.  Recognized as one of the leading institutions for research and teaching in the world.

1. Massachusets Institute of Technology

Massachusets Institute of Technology

The world’s answer for engineering and technology education that is located in Cambridge, Massachusets. Founded by a scientist in 1865, William Barton Rogers. With a vast and various area of scholarship that will assist with the fast pacing industrial world. With world-known alumni such as Buzz Aldrin, Kofi Annan and Benjamin Netanyahu.


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