Colleges in Alaska

Alaska – America’s primary state by land region and one of its smallest by inhabitants is home to few colleges and college. Alaska Pacific University, a private university, is located in Anchorage, the major city in the state. The College in  Alaska system has a campus in Port, Fairbanks and the state assets of Juneau. Residents of Alaska can attend choose colleges and universities in 14 states, as well as California, Washington, and Oregon, throughout the Western Undergraduate Exchange & pay no above 150 percent of the in-state instruction rate.

Some of the Colleges in Alaska are as follows:

Colleges in Alaska


  1.  The University of Alaska, establish in 1922, is a pioneering organization for learning in Alaska through a flagship college grounds at Fairbanks and satellite property at Anchorage & Juneau. Serving above 10,000 scholars, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks offers almost 167 degrees & since Alaska’s statehood in 1959 is the only one to present doctoral degrees.
  2. University of Alaska, Anchorage has developed from a society college in the year 1954 to be the major university in Alaska by over 15,000 scholars. Situated in Southern Alaska’s business city of Anchorage, the University of Alaska Anchorage is familiar with its program in aviation expertise and affords its students an extra amenable oceanic climate and access to business.
  3. The University of Alaska, SSoutheasta different institution. Founded in 1972, it has more than 2,700 scholars at the student level on campus with several more enrolled through distance education and community colleges. Located in the southeast extreme of Alaska, the organization academic programs focus on the exclusive flora, fauna, sea, and land of this part of the nation.
  4. Alaska Pacific UUniversity is a 500-student Methodist group and part of the best Eco League. Set up in 1957, this group offers a study of 12 majors at the scholar level and has a master’s plan that is ranked incredibly and has a strong ecological focus.
  5. Alaska Bible CCollegeGlennallen is a private organization without denomination loyal to theological and Christian education presenting a four-year program at the Bachelor’s level as well as an Associate degree.

Thus these are some of the Colleges in Alaska where one can go and add assets to his career.







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