Cheapest Universities in California List

The cheapest universities in California list is going to show you the top cheapest universities in California. For the students who are currently looking for a smaller school that has more of a personal and intimate feel, the universities in this list, has a population of under 3,000 students. Some of the cheapest universities in California consists of private Christian universities. This is because of the religious schools often are the most inexpensive small universities. But, you will also find that there are some private schools that are more of the secular liberal art schools, as well.

Below, you are going to find the cheapest universities in California list. This information was compiled for your use, referencing the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator Database, and individual universities’ websites.

Cheapest Universities in California

Marymount CaliforniaUniversity :

This is a Roman Catholic university, is one of the highest in tuition. In the state of California, when you think of the most affordable, that does not always mean that the university is going to be cheap. The ocean view, the waterfront, and lakeside campuses will offer you very diverse experiences. The campuses at this university are very beautiful, and the school is committed to providing their students with a well rounded liberal arts education. This university offers the four majors of: media studies, liberal arts, psychology and business.

Vanguard University:

This university is a small Christian liberal arts university. Vanguard University is located in the prime area of Orange County. Students who are, or will attend this university will enjoy an experience of the rich Costa Mesa, and has been named as the Best in the West by Princeton Review.

La Sierra University :

This university offers students extensive programs that include the four major pre-professional programs, and also, over 20 pre-health programs. This is the cornerstone of education because it is infused with more than 120 undergraduate programs. The US News & World Report has actually named La Sierra University as the most diverse universities in the west, for five consecutive years.

Hope International University :

This university is a non-denominational, evangelical, Christian university. This university has campuses in Fullerton and Anaheim, and extends to Washington State with continued education. To integrate commitment and faith to service the education of students is one of the primary goals of Hope International University. This university also offers it’s students the options of traditional and online education.

Fresno Pacific University :

This is the only university that is accredited as a Christian college in Central Valley. Even though it does have a small size, this university offers 26 undergraduate majors, along with 31 minors. While the school has been founded in the 1940’s, by the 1980’s, it is now more non-denominational in their teachings. Today, the university now primarily caters to it’s Protestant students.

This is only a small compilation ofuniversities in California list. You can use this as a guide in helping you find the cheapest universities in California.


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