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Best Colleges in California 2016

The search for the right college can be a daunting one. It is a process that involves first creating a short list of all the colleges you’d like to attend and then ranking them based on what is most important to you. Next, you Visit each of your shortlisted choices to get a feel of… read more »

Different CSU schools and info about these CSU schools

Students preparing for the university will want to take this tour that focuses on a few of the finest state supported best universities in California. These schools are renowned for specific areas of academics or sports, offer reasonably priced in-state tuition as well as have a unique history. A lot of-of California’s state-supported universities began… read more »

Best colleges in California

With more than 450 higher education organizations in California, decide the Best colleges in California according to your requirements can be overwhelming; not only do you require choosing on whether to attend a two-year or four-year institution; you also have to quarry through a wide amount of government data to discover the schools offering the… read more »

California Universities Acceptance Rate

When applying to college, aside from preparing SAT scores, and sufficient budget, a student must be considerate about their chances of acceptance. California’s top universities have competitive acceptance rates. Here are universities in California acceptance rate. 9 Universities in California with lowest acceptance rates Some could say that these schools are their dream school, and… read more »

How to choose the best schools in California?

Introduction Here is everything you need to know about the best schools in California. California is home to more than 900 schools positioned among the 2015 U.S. News Best High Schools. One of California’s gold award schools is the exceedingly positioned Oxford Academy, which is situated in the Anaheim Union High School District, around 25… read more »

Cheapest Universities in California List

The cheapest universities in California list is going to show you the top cheapest universities in California. For the students who are currently looking for a smaller school that has more of a personal and intimate feel, the universities in this list, has a population of under 3,000 students. Some of the cheapest universities in… read more »

The Top Universities in California for Nursing

The top universities in California for Nursing, provide an increase to the highly significant shortages of nurses that need to be in the state of California. There are actually about 78% of people who live in a state where there is a shortage of nurses. The worst shortages in nurses can in fact be found… read more »

The List of Universities in California Acceptance Rate

The universities in California Acceptance rate varies from institution to institution. There are many universities in California, but some have higher acceptance rates than some. It is completely up to you in which school you are going to attend. So, it is best that you do your research pertaining to the school you are wanting… read more »

Rankings of Universities in California

Universities in California are known worldwide for its quality, prestige and contribution. They have over the top ranks by great notable organizations such as Forbes, U.S. Rankings and Reviews and the Times Higher Education. Lets us review the universities in California rankings. Stanford University has 3rd rank in World University Ranking 2015-2016 by the Times… read more »

California’s top 10 universities

Lets us review our top 10 universities in California, since a higher education institute is tricky to pick. Claremont McKenna College One of the top 10 universities in California located in Columbia, Claremont, California. It has an affiliation with Claremont Colleges. Forbes had ranked Claremont McKenna College as the 18th of the best college in… read more »