California Universities Acceptance Rate

When applying to college, aside from preparing SAT scores, and sufficient budget, a student must be considerate about their chances of acceptance. California’s top universities have competitive acceptance rates. Here are universities in California acceptance rate.

California Universities Acceptance Rate

9 Universities in California with lowest acceptance rates

Some could say that these schools are their dream school, and they are well-known around the globe. The university in California with the lowest acceptance rate is Stanford University has only as low as 5.1% acceptance rates. California Institute of Technology 8.8%, Claremont McKenna College 10.8%, Pomona College 12,2%, Pitzer College 13%, Harvey Mudd College 14.3%, University of California Berkeley 16%, University of South California 18%, University of California Los Angeles 18.6%. These universities in California acceptance rate are based on data from 2015. The universities mentioned above are highly selective about acceptance. Only top notch students with high educational excellence are accepted.

9 Universities in California with highest acceptance rates

Presented in upcoming passages are the least selective higher education institute in California. It doesn’t mean that these schools are easy to get into, due to the school might consider many the qualified applicants, so they accept most of them. These universities in California acceptance rate are based on data from 2015. This data does not mean least qualified student should be applying to less selective schools. Starting from SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary 99% from 87 applicants are accepted. American Jewish University 96% out of 28 applicants, are accepted. Menlo College 92% from 1856 applicants are accepted. World Mission University, 90% out of 20 applicants, are accepted. California Christian College 88% from 8 applicants, are accepted. Sonoma State University 85% out of 12152 applicants, are accepted. California College of the Arts 83% from 1338 applicants, are accepted. Bethesda University of California 82% out of 121 applicants, are accepted. Art Centre College of Design 81% out of 450 applicants, are accepted.


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