What is the best university in Germany?

In these times of advanced technologies and state of the art contrivances, students from all over the world are making use of the technology known as the WWW to appease their requirement for a suitable study overseas destination which will satisfy their teaching necessities along with providing them with one time in a lifetime experience. In such environment to study in Germany crops up as a suitable solution seeking study abroad destinations.

Advantages to getting admission in Germany

Germany as a country has much to grant you with; away from the developments taking place at a fast pace, it also offers you with a wide variety of courses to select from (more than 12 thousand to be specific). As a location of study, the atmosphere and environment, it gives students to have been just unmatched. Overseas students can also choose to take up German classes if they desire to.

In Germany, The University of Munich is the best university, according to the (ARWU). The Academic Ranking of World Universities is available from the Institute of Higher Education at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and numerous signs of academic or research presentation are used to establish the rank, these contain highly named researchers, articles indexed in leading citation indices and worked winning Nobel Awards.

There are 29 German universities in the World’s Top five hundred universities.

The Top-5 universities in Germany are:

  1. The University of Munich (placed 55th in the world);
  2. Technology, the University of Munich (placed 57th);
  3. University of Heidelberg (placed 67th);
  4. University of Gottingen (90th); and
  5. University of Freiburg (placed 96th).

Since 2005, The University of Munich has been the top university in Germany.

Equated to other OECD nations, Germany has a standard density of top schools: 0.5 universities per one million people in Germany compared to 0.4 for whole OECD countries as an entire.

The University of Munich is a public school that was made in 1472. It is a big university with 44,405 students (63% girl). Worldwide students are 15% of the student people, and the University is a member of the German Excellence Universities.


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