Best 10 USA Scholarship Universities


For international students, United States is the prime destination. There are some scholarship programs for those students who want study in the USA for free. We have mentioned a top 10 list of scholarship, offered by USA colleges and universities followed by the rules of US government and institutes.

There is Fullbright (full scholarship) scholarship program for international students who are looking for Masters or Ph.D. degree. It is also available for non-degree postgraduate courses. The grant covers almost every expense of study and living.

The Hubert  H. Humphery fellowship program allows experienced professionals a year of professional enrichment in the USA. The selection of fellows based on their leadership and commitment to the people in the public service of any sector. The fellowship grants all related expenses.

Scholarship offer for international students in USA University and colleges:                                    

American University Scholarships: American University offers a limited merit scholarship to academically qualified international first-year undergraduate students. This scholarship program is called No Need Based Financial Aid and it’s available for international students. This scholarship range is from U.S. $6000 to $25000 for per academic year (conditions apply).

There is also an AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program which awards to high achieving international students who pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the university and dedicated to making social changes.

Amherst College Scholarships: Amherst College runs a need based financial aid program that provides financial assistance to needy incoming international students. Sometimes this program is called “Aid Package” because it may include both employment and scholarships.

Berea College Scholarships: In the United States Berea College provides 100% funding for incoming international students for the first year enrollment. This financial aid reduces the cost of tuition fees and others. An international student can expect to save $1000 per year. The college also provides jobs in summer for international students.

Clark University Scholarships: Clark University is focusing the global education system as a challenge. The university also offers merit scholarship for international students as like the International Traina Scholarship and International Achievement Scholarship.   A scholarship of $15000 to $25000 per year and for four years renewal, the process will go through the academic standard.

Colby-Sawyer College scholarship: Colby Sawyer college offers scholarship on merit for international students. The value of scholarship increase by the academic ability of students. The scholarship range is from $20000 to $26000 per year and the college does not offer full financial aid.

Columbia College Scholarship: International students get scholarship and awards for their outstanding results. The scholarships are one-time cash grants or 15% to 100% reduction of tuition fees.

Concordia College Scholarship: Concordia offers a scholarship for international students based on academic ability and family needs,  amount up to $25000 per year. Concordia is pleased to provide financial assistance to international students.

Dartmouth College Scholarship: Dartmouth college has available scholarships and loans for international students which include an allowance for travel to U.S.

East Tennessee State University: This university offers a scholarship based on academic merit for fresher seeking a graduate or undergraduate programs. This scholarship covers 50% tuition and maintenance fees only. This award can be used only study at East Tennessee University.

East West Center: The East West Center provides Graduate Degree Fellowship. This fellowship funding up to 24 months for Masters or Doctoral degree study for graduates students from Asia, the Pacific and the U.S.  To participate in the educational and residential developments programs at the East West Center while pursuing graduate study at the University of Hawaii.


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