America’s Best Nursing Colleges

A nursing profession is having a shortage; some says it is due to the baby boom in the past years. Salary for nurses is as high as $72,000 according to latest data from the Bureau of Labor. So it will be a wise choice if you aim to be a Nurse, and start applying to colleges for nursing. Here are top 6 nursing colleges in the state in the 2015-2016 academic year.

colleges for nursing

1.Molloy College

A school with expert faculty and staff that is supported by innovative learning laboratory. Considered having the most honored programs in America. Molloy College offers Bachelor’s Degree program, Dual Degree/ Second Degree program, Registered Nurse/ Dual Degree program, mobility program, Nursing dual degree program, undergraduate nursing program, graduate nursing program, doctoral nursing program and Gerontology.

2.New York University College of Nursing

NYU College of Nursing offers Registered Nurse with Associate’s Degree in Nursing, Registered Nurse with Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and Registered Nurse with Master’s Degree in Nursing. Supported by experienced staffs and faculty related to clinical experience and high technical standards.

3.Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Science.

This school offers undergraduate programs, graduate programs and dual-degree in nursing. Not only in nursing, but also other programs in Nutrition, Physical Therapy Programs, and Health ProfessionEducation Programs. Simmons College also provides excellent online programs.

4. University of Pennsylvania school of Nursing

Penn Nursing is one of the colleges for nursing provides undergraduate programs, accelerated programs, graduate programs, doctoral level, master’s/ post master level. Penn Nursing is one of the first Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly practices and clinical experiences with two of the nation’s best hospital partners, including The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

5. Villanova University College of Nursing

Villanova provides excellent undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Science (BSN), BSN for Adult and Traditional Transfer Students, BSN Completions for Registered Nurses and Second Degree options. It also has graduate programs such as Master’s degree (MSN), Post-masters, Doctor in Nursing Practice, and Ph.D. in Nursing.
6. Fairfield University School of Nursing
It ranks the 10th among other nursing schools in America by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. It provides undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing related educations. One of the best colleges for nursing in the USA.


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