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Of course, you know that in this day and age, it’s infinitely easier to get your degree online, but one thing that you don’t want to miss is whether or not you’re getting your degree from an accredited online university. Knowing this simple thing, and how to find one right off the bat can save you a lot of trouble, wasted money, and heartache from the outset.

Accredited means that the university is one that’s met special requirements and is a solid education facility…much like schools like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, or any other college or university that are offline that you’ve likely heard of.

The reason it’s important to keep a keen eye out to be sure you’re registering for an accredited online university is that there are so many online colleges and degrees now that anybody could put up a website claiming to be just that and just take you for a long, expensive ride.

accredited online universities

Not only that but the fact that accreditation of an online university or any educational program is made to establish the reputation of the quality of the education that an educational facility provides. To receive certification, a careful review of the institute is performed. This is why employers give exceptional preference to accredited online universities as well as offline institutions.

So How Do you Know if an Online University Is Accredited?

Well, first of all, there are some tell-tale signs of a school not being accredited online universities. It may be easier to explain those first so that you know exactly what to avoid.

One of the biggest things to run the other way from is a school that allows you to purchase a diploma or degree. That is not an online university; that is an online scam…and the only place that you’ll find yourself is out of the money that it cost you for the degree. Hate to burst your bubble but there’s no free ride. So, you have to understand simply that if there’s no actual courses, or real learning going on then what you’ve signed up for is worthless.

In other words, there’s got to be some school in your school.

Another very telling sign to look out for is a physical address, and a way to contact the school. If all you’ve got is an email address or P.O. Box to go with then clicks away because again, you’re looking at a worthless time-waster.

All accredited online universities will have a physical address attached to them.

Something else to look out for is a clear outline of the staff. There’s got to be a staff for you to learn, and to process your payments, and keep track of your records and credits. This is a university and just like a regular brick and mortar university, there’s paperwork to be done…as well as a teaching staff. Who are the professors? If there’s no indication that there is a team of professors and admin, then run the other way as fast as you can.

This has all of the makings for a scam, and I can’t think of any time where there would be an exception.

What You Want to Definitely See When Looking for an Accredited Online University.

The biggie…the main thing that you want to see is pretty logical…it’s an accreditation. Shall I say duh? But here’s where you must do your due diligence and investigate a bit before giving anyone your money. Some will claim to be accredited and not be so you must follow through with phone calls, letters, whatever it takes. Hopefully, by the time you’ve gone through the tests laid out above, you’ll be left with more likely candidates of Accredited Online Universities.

You might be anxious about affording an education through accredited online universities or colleges. All of the degrees accredited from online has the same academics as any other colleges or universities. The Even standard college experience has been changed, accommodating more elements of an accredited online university than before. Each accredited college and university make a list of a variety of what they are offering, such as master’s degree and online MBA programs in several specialized areas.


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