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Why some wealthy countries choose not to have free universities?

Nations such as USA or UK have paid university learning. Coming from a nation by tuition-free universities (i.e. paid through taxation) I doubt what is the rationale behind a rich country opt not to have free universities, while they could supposedly afford it. While Democratic nationwide candidate are calling for debt-free university in the US, they… read more »

Why are some California state universities not in the UC system?

The great University of California started in the year 1869 having only 10 faculties with 38 students. With the time now, the UC system comprises of further added 238,000 students along with 190,000 faculty and other staff members, also consisting of more than 1.7 million alumni working all over the globe. UC has touched new… read more »

What is the best university in Germany?

In these times of advanced technologies and state of the art contrivances, students from all over the world are making use of the technology known as the WWW to appease their requirement for a suitable study overseas destination which will satisfy their teaching necessities along with providing them with a one time in a lifetime… read more »

How do I get into university of Washington?

\It relies on your school performance throughout high school. More students are who instate get normal grades throughout high school. But then again, if you did actually well in high school then you will be successful with another university as well. The University of Washington is very choosy. They need a higher GPA then most… read more »

How can I get a high GPA in Cornell University?

  Are you interested towards Cornell University? Here is a little information that may be useful for you in making the choice. A friend of mine went to school there and liked it. Belonging to the well-known Ivy League Universities, Cornell University has lead the way in diverse fields of studies. The university heads all… read more »

top 10 universities in the USA for engineering.

Having your mind set on being an engineer? Aside in preparing your SAT scores and application letters, here are top 10 universities in the USA for engineering. 10. Cornell University With the Cornell Tech campus in New York City as the campus that focused on technology. Cornell Tech includes the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion–Cornell… read more »

Top 10 medical universities in USA

See top 10 medical universities in the USA for research and education. Harvard Medical School The one to be top of the top 10 medical universities in the USA would be Harvard Medical School. With over than 10,000 alumni around the world excelling in research and clinical care throughout decades. The Harvard Medical School established in… read more »

California Universities Acceptance Rate

When applying to college, aside from preparing SAT scores, and sufficient budget, a student must be considerate about their chances of acceptance. California’s top universities have competitive acceptance rates. Here are universities in California acceptance rate. 9 Universities in California with lowest acceptance rates Some could say that these schools are their dream school, and… read more »

Nursing programs in California

California combines a state with a high paycheck for nurses, and never ending opportunities in the health care area. California is not just hot for their beaches and tourist attractions; it is a hot spot for nursing programs and education. The average salary for nursing practitioners in California is as high as $ 72,000. Nursing… read more »

America’s Best Nursing Colleges

A nursing profession is having a shortage; some says it is due to the baby boom in the past years. Salary for nurses is as high as $72,000 according to latest data from the Bureau of Labor. So it will be a wise choice if you aim to be a Nurse, and start applying to… read more »